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NDG Security 1.5.5 Release

task 7: OpenID Provider crash with Java RP security filter

  • fix to OpenID Provider genshi template handler to skip AX processing if the Relying Party didn't request any attributes.
  • Property svn:keywords set to Id
1#!/usr/bin/env python
2"""Distribution Utilities setup program for NDG Security Package
4NERC Data Grid Project
6__author__ = "P J Kershaw"
7__date__ = "24/04/06"
8__copyright__ = "(C) 2009 Science and Technology Facilities Council"
9__license__ = "BSD - see LICENSE file in top-level directory"
10__contact__ = ""
11__revision__ = '$ 4746 2009-01-06 08:25:37Z pjkersha $'
13# Bootstrap setuptools if necessary.
14from ez_setup import use_setuptools
17from setuptools import setup, find_packages
19import os
21_longDescription = """\
22NDG Security is the security system for the UK Natural Environment Research
23Council funded NERC DataGrid.  NDG Security has been developed to
24provide users with seamless access to secured resources across NDG
25participating organisations whilst at the same time providing an underlying
26system which is easy to deploy around organisation's pre-existing systems.
27NDG Security is designed around a Role Based Access Control mechanism. Cross
28organisational access to resources is enabled through bilateral trust
29agreements between participating organisations expressed through a system for
30single sign and role mapping.
32NDG Security employs a web services based architecture enabling different
33combinations of components to be deployed according to a participating site's
34needs and requirements.  Resources are secured using a system of Policy
35Enforcement Point (Gatekeeper) and Policy Decision Point components.  An
36Attribute Authority provides a service to query a given users attributes used
37for gaining access to resources.  Session Manager and MyProxy services can be
38used for management of credentials.  NDG Security supports OpenID for Single
39Sign On and can integrate into both web based and non-web based application
40client interfaces.
43    name =                      'ndg_security',
44    version =                   '1.5.5',
45    description =               'NERC DataGrid Security Utilities',
46    long_description =          _longDescription,
47    author =                    'Philip Kershaw',
48    author_email =              '',
49    maintainer =                'Philip Kershaw',
50    maintainer_email =          '',
51    url =                   '',
52    install_requires =      ['ndg_security_client', 'ndg_security_server'],
53    dependency_links =      [""],
54    zip_safe = False
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