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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
0.9.2_dev_r3994 4916   12 years pjkersha Create a branch to enable maintenance on this version
BADC 3034   13 years pjkersha fix to BODC's SSL cert DN and NOCS login URL.
bin-releases 1624   14 years root Version 0.72 binary release.
BODC 3035   13 years pjkersha fix to BODC's SSL cert DN.
Dependencies 2576   14 years pjkersha Further tidying up ready for submission as patch for M2Crypto. * removed …
java 1254   15 years pjkersha Removed all old CVS directories.
MyProxyClient-put-tests 6841   11 years pjkersha branch containing put method. This doesn't work currently and PyOpenSSL …
MyProxyClient-pyopenssl 6835   11 years pjkersha Completed port to PyOpenSSL from M2Crypto with all unit tests passed. …
ndg-security-1.3.x 6240   11 years pjkersha Removed rc and svn release number from egg for maintenance release for …
ndg-security-1.4.x 6298   11 years pjkersha
ndg-security-1.5.x 6785   11 years pjkersha Fixes to _displayResponse for environ and start_response references.
ndg_security_saml-0.2.x 6647   11 years pjkersha
NOCS 3036   13 years pjkersha fix to BODC's SSL cert DN and NOCS login URL.
PML 3038   13 years pjkersha
PostAlpha 2007   14 years pjkersha python/conf/sessionMgrProperties.xml: fixed missing '>' …
yoyo 382   16 years anonymous This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'yoyo'.
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