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  • #1088 Important fix to AuthnRedirectResponseMiddleware? to set redirect ONLY when SSL client authentication has just succeeded in the upstream middleware AuthKitSSLAuthnMiddleware. This bug was causing the browser to redirect to the wrong place following OpenID sign in in the case where the user is already logged into their provider and selects a new relying party to sign into.
    • Improvements to Provider decide page interface: leave out messages about attributes that the provider can't retrieve for the RP. Also included NDG style help icon.
1"""Helper functions
3Consists of functions to typically be used within templates, but also
4available to Controllers. This module is available to templates as 'h'.
6# Import helpers as desired, or define your own, ie:
7#from webhelpers.html.tags import checkbox, password
8from openidaxtest.lib import auth
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