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1Authorisation Integration Tests with the OpenID Relying Party running in the
3Application Stack
5In this test, the OpenID Relying Party Middleware is configured to run in the
6same WSGI stack as the application being protected.  This ensures that the
7two are in the same cookie domain but if the application is running over HTTP
8then the RP will likewise.  The alternative is to run the OpenID RP in the
9security services middleware stack together with the OpenID Provider and
10Attribute Authority.  This enables the RP to run over HTTPS but it also
11involves a redirect from the app to the RP on signin which may itself be a
12security weakness.
14To run,
16$ python
18...and in another terminal:
20$ python
22Launch a browser and go to http://localhost:7080.  This displays a page with a
23list of links.  Each link tests out a different aspect of the authorisation
24system.  The OpenID login will be triggered if a link requires authentication,
25select go with the default URL set of, "http://localhost:7443/openid".  When
26prompted for a username and password, enter pjk/testpassword
29The links are secured with the policy file, policy.xml.  User attributes are
30determined by the Attribute Authority configuration set in
33P J Kershaw 19/05/09
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