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  • Working Attribute Authority client unit tests. Configuration parameters such as issuer and flags to test query timestamp and SAML version string have now been moved out of the Attribute Authority to the generic SAML subject Query middleware interface This could be moved into the SAML egg at a later stage. The AuthzDecisionQuery? interface should be retested to allow for these changes.
2attributeInterface.samlSubjectSqlQuery = select count(*) from users where openid = '${userId}'
3attributeInterface.samlAttribute2SqlQuery.1 = "urn:esg:first:name" "select firstname from users where openid = '${userId}'"
4attributeInterface.samlAttribute2SqlQuery.lastName = "urn:esg:last:name" "select lastname from users where openid = '${userId}'"
5attributeInterface.samlAttribute2SqlQuery.emailAddress = "urn:esg:email:address" "select emailaddress from users where openid = '${userId}'"
6attributeInterface.samlAttribute2SqlQuery.4 = "urn:siteA:security:authz:1.0:attr" "select attributename from attributes where openid = '${userId}'"
7attributeInterface.samlValidRequestorDNs = /O=Site A/CN=Authorisation Service,/O=Site A/CN=Attribute Authority,
8                                                           /O=Site B/CN=Authorisation Service
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