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Create new utility module, ClassFactory? - to allow generic instantiation
of classes dynamically.

Implement use of this in the AttAuth? and SessionMgr? services + adjust
the config files for these accordingly + abstract use of MyProxy? in
SessionMgr? to generic authNService - and create packages with real
and test authN services. Adjust the SessionMgr? tests to use the
test authN service.

2Include authentication service directory into distribution - contains
3various test implementations of the authentication service used by SessionMgr
5NERC Data Grid Project
7__author__ = "C Byrom - Tessella"
8__date__ = "28/08/08"
9__copyright__ = "(C) 2008 STFC & NERC"
10__license__ = \
11"""This software may be distributed under the terms of the Q Public
12License, version 1.0 or later."""
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14__revision__ = '$Id: $'
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