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  • Working SamlPIPMiddleware - the Policy Information Point with an interface to the SAML Attribute Authority. The PIP retrieves user credential information for the PDP.
  • Fixed unit tests for the above.
2attributeInterface.issuerName = /O=Site A/CN=Attribute Authority
3attributeInterface.samlSubjectSqlQuery = select count(*) from users where openid = '${userId}'
4attributeInterface.samlAttribute2SqlQuery.1 = "urn:esg:first:name" "select firstname from users where openid = '${userId}'"
5attributeInterface.samlAttribute2SqlQuery.lastName = "urn:esg:last:name" "select lastname from users where openid = '${userId}'"
6attributeInterface.samlAttribute2SqlQuery.emailAddress = "urn:esg:email:address" "select emailaddress from users where openid = '${userId}'"
7attributeInterface.samlAttribute2SqlQuery.4 = "urn:siteA:security:authz:1.0:attr" "select attributename from attributes where openid = '${userId}'"
8attributeInterface.samlValidRequestorDNs = /O=Site A/CN=Authorisation Service,/O=Site A/CN=Attribute Authority,
9                                                           /O=Site B/CN=Authorisation Service
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