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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1041 [S] Authkit cookie sets user's OpenID in plain text security defect pjkersha new 24/02/09
#1095 [S] M2Crypto bug reading X.509 Certificate Extensions security defect pjkersha new 05/02/10
#1115 [S] OpenID Provider SSL validation broken on ndg_security 1.5.7 security defect pjkersha new 13/10/10
#1127 OpenID login fails at PCMDI with IE8 component1 defect somebody new 19/04/11
#1126 OpenID Provider should warn user if someone else is already signed in component1 defect somebody new 13/04/11
#1128 Cannot login to Gateway 1.3.0M4 release component1 defect pjkersha new 28/04/11
#1130 [XACML] Bug in [Subject|Resource|Action|Environment]Match combination component1 defect pjkersha assigned 19/08/11
#1134 NDG Security Missing template files for OpenID Relying Party component1 defect somebody new 04/05/12
#1135 NDG Security OpenID Relying Party paster template doesn't create a log directory component1 defect somebody new 04/05/12
#1137 ndg_saml_client doesn't work through https proxy component1 defect somebody new 09/05/13
#1129 [S][XACML] Add support for time-bound access conditions component1 enhancement pjkershaw assigned 30/06/11
#1132 [XACML] AttributeValue for DataType values other than string not parsed in policies component1 defect somebody new 06/01/12
#1133 NDG Security not compatible with SQLAlchemy 0.7 component1 defect somebody new 11/01/12
#1138 Clock skew tolerance is too conservative component1 defect somebody new 09/05/13
#1136 MyProxyClient: Warn when certificates directory is empty component1 enhancement somebody new 17/09/12
#1094 [S] Apply for Separate Certificates for Security Services. security defect aharwood new 04/02/10
#1110 [S] Modify Policy Enforcement Point Filter to add Attributes pushed from OpenID Sign in / SSL Authn security defect pjkersha new 24/06/10
#1118 [S] Fix SSL Authentication WSGI so that cookie expiry is co-ordinated correctly with cert expiry security defect pjkersha new 16/12/10
#1120 [S] Possible non-release of database connections with NDG Security code base security defect pjkersha new 06/01/11
#1121 [S] Secured URLs can be cached by proxy servers security defect pjkersha new 17/01/11
#1123 [S] MyProxy Client enforce signing policy file security defect pjkersha new 24/01/11
#1097 [S] Change trust root configuration for services from named file to directory based security issue pjkersha new 09/02/10
#635 [S] Support for Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) security task pjkersha assigned 17/01/07
#1008 [S] Python OWS Client Security security task pjkersha assigned 16/10/08
#1061 [S] ESG Federation Registration Interface security task pjkersha new 19/05/09
#1062 [S] ESG Federation OpenID Site Whitelisting security task pjkersha new 19/05/09
#1092 [S] Script needed to keep services in the ESG federation up to date with trust roots security task pjkersha new 03/02/10
#1099 [S] Extend logging to enable audit log to Database security task pjkersha new 12/02/10
#1100 [S] Modify SSL Client Authn Filter to Parse SAML Assertion Certificate Extension for Attributes security task pjkersha new 16/02/10
#1105 [S] Integrate Secured PyDAP Client extension into ndg.security.client security task pjkersha new 25/02/10
#1106 [S] Test Authentication Services with wildcard cookie domain security task pjkersha new 26/02/10
#1116 [S][XACML] Add functionality to Support PolicySets security task pjkersha new 07/12/10
#1117 [S][SAML] Add Console test scripts for launching SAML Client Queries security task pjkersha new 15/12/10
#1124 [S] API for consumer app to interogate OpenID AX parameters security task pjkersha new 01/02/11

2.0 (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1125 [ndg_saml] error checking in response to time component1 2.0 defect pjkersha new 22/03/11
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