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NDG SAML is a Python implementation of SAML 2.0 developed for the [NERC DataGrid?] and [Earth System Grid] [CMIP5] security. architecture. Both use a federation model for access control and SAML 2.0 was selected to provide the interfaces for attribute and authorisation decision queries. This implementation is based on the Java [OpenSAML] code.

The code uses ElementTree for serialisation to and parsing from XML but an API makes it easily extendable to use other Python XML parsers if desired.



The code is available on PyPI at

$ sudo easy_install ndg_saml

Unit Tests

Development Status

Development has focussed on the Assertion Query/Request? Profile to support AttributeQuery? and AuthzDecisionQuery? as needed for NDG and ESG. Where possible code stubs have been provided for the other core classes.

SOAP client and server (WSGI based) binding code has been developed for SOAP transport but have not yet been merged from the NDG Security development trunk. See: