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Development Activities

  • ndg_saml: The Python SAML 2.0 implementation developed for NDG Security and the Earth System Grid Federation]
  • ndg_xacml: Python implementation of XACML, eXtensible Access Control Markup Language developed for CEDA (Centre for Environmental Data Archival).
  • MyProxyClient: Python implementation of the client interface to the MyProxy Credential Management Service
  • MyProxyWebService: a Python WSGI application which presents a HTTPS interface to the MyProxy Credential Management Service logon and get trust roots operations.


  • Federated Access control infrastructure for the Earth System Grid Federation
  • MashMyData: a NERC funded demonstrator project to create a portal environment for users to combine their data with datasets from distributed sources. It will trial access control with multihop delegation in a workflow.
  • NERC DataGrid 3 Project Activities?